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Montana was a strange fuck..She was cool though..Sh was mad quiet when she came over and wouldn't crack a smile for nothin..I took a few pics of her then proceeded to gettin some head..After a super quick head job we started fuckin..Now she couldn't take noooo dick at all..She was scared for me to put it in her..I had to open it up, andonce I did it was on..A lil weird but good..
This is the 1st time Vanessa Smiles shows off her BJ skills ever..I paired her up with my bot Spyder Jackson and she went to work like a pro..I didn't know she could suck dick like that..She was a beast trying to get it all in her mouth,,She sucked dick like a true slut..You know I had to keep her around..lol..Got to see more of that..
This is a throwback video of Raven and me..She came to myold crib one day for some dick..Said she havent had any in awhile..I said fuck it lets film it..She was right about not getting any dick, because her pussy was extra tight..As soon as I put it in she jumped..And every stroke she felt..We fucked for about 15 min, then I had to bounce..Yo Raven holla at me if your reading this..
Took candice to this crazy lookin motel with a long ass hallway and she was ready to get down and dirty..She started off with a solid blowjob and after that she let me do what I want with her..I fucked her all over the room even in the hallway part..Then I accidentally bust a fat nut in her pussy..She was mad at first, but whats donw is done..
London is a fine ass slim chick from Chicago..She came up here to do porn and i got to work with her a few times..She's the total package, loves to deepthroat and suck dick..She got that wet sloppy head for real..The pussy is extra tight too..Had her cringing up from all that dick..She even taste good too..Would love to work with her fine ass again
Mizz Donk is a MILF from around the way that just loves to talk shit and freak off..I met up with her one night and we did the do..Took her to a lil bum ass tellie and she talked me to death for almost an hour..She she sucked me off real good, but she couldn't take dick for shit..She wasn't use to fuckin at all, but that didn't stop me..Got me a nice nut..Full vid in members area
Jada is the official head nurse. She has a wicked blowjob scene on this site, but I had to test the pussy out to..I actually had a bad back when I shot this vid...She gave me that super head then I wanted to fuck..Surprisingly she's another one that cant take no dick..I destroyed that tight ass hole, but I bust off fast because it was sooo good..Damn Jada!!
Lady Diva was a bad ass bitch from around my way..I always wanted to get a piece of that ass, so I approached her one day and come to find out she was down for real..We got right down to business, cause she was about her business..After a good BJ I fucked her real good..She had me ina daze after that fuck..She's a special one..Her 1st and maybe her last video..
Candice came to the crib one day to hang out and smoke, and we ended up fuckin somehow..lol...She put on this tight ass outfit and I cut a hole in it..Got me a good nut off after a good fuck, then my man Hammer got some head before she left..Candice always had some good ass pussy..Too bad she's retired from the game
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