Man o Man, Booty Cakes came to the crib one night and it was on..She was extra horny, being the nympho that she is..Soon as she came in, she got undressed and just started rubbing her pussy, man her shit was super wet, had me ready for that shit.  After some good head and some good pussy eating, we both went in, and let off a nut right inside that wet pussy..This session lasted for about an hour..She took all my energy that night..
Back with a priceless update featuring my favorite MILF Monica.  She has a real pretty pussy and she can fuck for real.  She aint scared of the dick and loves it deep and hard. We had some good chemistry when we met up and she did a nigga just right.  This is her 1st shoot ever..her 2nd shoot was on with Big Turk, but this is the video that started it all..I got to get more of that Jersey Pussy for sure!!
Got some exclusive hidden cam footage of this escort I use to fuck around with.  Later on she actually did a few videos for me, but this is how i met her.  She came through and was ready to fuck. Man her pussy was so tight I couldn't believe it.  i had to ease my dick in that pussy hole.  She loosened up after a while and i continued to fuck her for a good 30 min..That shit was extra good, bust me a nice nut on that night..Shit man!!
Brand new to the game I bring you 6 foot 1 Cherry Creme. This is her very 1st video ever, so you get some exclusive footage right here..She's defintely an up and coming star.  We met online and I went to see her out in Jersey.  We automatically had some good chemistry, and I was defintely on my slim girl fetish type of shit..She had a sweet body and some sweet ass pussy..I ate it and fucked it nice and hard.  She can and cant take dick, shit was just right.. I might have to fuck her on a regular basis, shit was so good..
Shorty came through from backpage and I tore that shit up.  Had her jumping off the dick.  She was definitely worth the money because I had a ball.  She can suck dick and can somewhat take dick.  This is a must see..Real hidden cam footage, not shown anywhere else on the web..Members will love it guaranteed
Miss Addicition Fucked Good
Man o Man..Mizz Addicition is defintely one of my personal favorites. We haven't fucked in awhile since I been letting Big Turk shine for a minute.  She hit me up and said she wanted to fuck me specifically..i was like I'm down for it, lets do it..She came through with all that ass, and I put and extra dick down on her..When I was done she was spent and out of breath..I went real deep in her, and she was lovin every inch..This is a ery intense can tell we haven't fucked in awhile...Here it is, fresh off the press straight to the members..Enjoy!!
Lil Cyn is back with that gangsta pussy. She is definitely one of my favorites when it somes to fucking. She brings alot of passion and good dick taking to the game.  I started off with a nice eat out session, making her fold up with the tongue game. Then we got down and dirty.  Man i tried to tear that lil slim pussy up.  Had her in several positions, giving her something nice and deep to deal with.  Pussy was so good I didn't want to stop fucking her..This was a real nice sessions..members will love this one..
Lil Cyn Takin Dick
Kandi returns for her last and final installment.  She always was one of my favorites and you will see why in this video.  She's a real freak and loves to fuck and suck..After making her bust a crazy nut with my tongue game i proceeded to dicking that fat ass down..Had her saying all kinds of crazy shit while i was deep in that pussy..We fucked for a good hour then I bust a load in her and it got lost somewhere in there...Guess i put it way up in her..Great vid for the Kandi Fans
Haze is back after a year and some change off, and she comes back hornier than ever..Havent seen her in awhile so u know i had to get some of that.  we met up at the tellie and got it poppin..Man I forgot how tight her pussy is, I almost nutted in 3 minutes no lie..Had to keep my composure and put it down for real..All in all it was a good session..She busted a few nuts and I bust a nice load..The pussy is even better than ever..Glad she came back..
Mocha makes her debut here at hoodhoez.  I had her at the telly one night for dolo and my boy Turk stopped by just to chill and help me film..Man he ended up tearing her pussy up and stole the he left I fucked her for another hour or so, and got up in that ass..Said she never really did anal, so I opened that ass up real nice..Mocha got the fuck of her life that night, all night fuckin for her..
Trecee is a slim sexy freak who can fuck for hours..You mightv'e seen her on my other site and now you see her here.  She loves big dick but cant really take it..I had to go real easy on her for awhile before I could really get in there.  I took my time and opened the pussy up before going HAM..This was a real good fuck session.>We fucked all around the room until I nutted all over that ass..You know I like my slim will enjoy this one for sure
Got some new shit for yall this time around..Nanee is a slim thick bubble but 19 yr old from Philly. She came up just to make her video debut.  This is actually her audition scene but it was so good i said let me post it.  She sucks dick good and can take a good pounding until the tap out.  Overall she did pretty good..I might have to get more footage of her..Love her nice lil jiggly ass..Good job Nanee
Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Make way for MILF Vanessa on HoodHoez..You already know it aint no fun if Mike dont get damn Vanessa gets down for 48 yrs old. Better than alot of these young girls i tell ya..We met up at the tellie and all hell broke loose..I was horny and ready to pound that down..She took some good dick in all her holes, got that ass stretched and I bust right on the asshole..soon to be classic vid right here..Mike Dirty Special!!
You know I had to bring back my all time favorite MILF Monica.  This was an inrense session.  I stroked that pussy till she started leaking..We actually had to end the session kinda early cause I went to hard. But i got alot of fucking in before then..She takes dick real nice and loves it deep..Got to go see her again
Cherry Creme is back at it..We linked up not to long ago because I haven't seen her in a hot ass minute..To my surprise she gained about 30 pounds all in the right places..I was like dam baby You  looking extra good..My dick was on rock before we even started..This session was real intense and the chemistry was crazy..At one point I had her cumming without even touching her.The after effects was nice...She got a good raw dick down from ya boy..Yall wont be dissappointed..
Oh yeah Oh Yeah My wifey Big Yella is back with a vengence.  This is the 1st time she's seen on video with yours truly and I must say we got some real good chemistry.  She got that nice country girl accent and a whole lotta ass to go with it..After a nice BJ I got right to dicking her down..Yeah you know my style of fucking, i try to get up in them guts..Big yella and no stranger to some dick but she got a real good fuck on this day..A definte must see for the true MD fans and supporters..Check it out!!
Finally got me a piece of Miya and it was well worth the wait..She's a nice pretty girl with a great personality and loves to fuck and for her size she can take some dick.  You know I had to eat the pussy to set it off, then she gave a good blowjob, then it was time to work her out..I was surprised as to how she handled the dick..I gave her a real good fuck and layed it down proper..Fucked her raw and creampied the pussy..i got to get another shot at that..
This is Chrystal Smiles 1st video ever..She was eager to film so I auditioned her, and she was straight fire..She fucked and sucked like a pro..She did one more with Big Turk and then disappeared..Hopefully she will return with that good Hatian pussy..I know I had a ball with that stallion body she got..
As requested Mizz Addiction is back at it.  Seen her the other day and it looks like that ass got fatter, maybe its because I aint see her in awhile..but sheez!! tHAT SHIT IS CRAZY. After making her nut with this tongue I got deep in that good pussy nice n raw..Gave her that fuck she needs and almost nutted in to get more of that pussy..Damn good shit!!
Oh yeah got me some Tiyanna Lee Pussy and that shit was good. Her lil pretty slim ass got some tight ass pussy.  You can tell niggas aint really dickin her down, nut you know MD did..When I was done she was curled up on the bed..a sure sign of a good dick down..This for my slim girl lovers..A real treat for the members
Haze was missing in action for awhile then she pops up wanting some real dick in her life..She hit me up and I was down for some of that tight Hatian pussy.  She came through and got a thorough dick down from her all time favorite dick.. I almost nutted in the pussy but I was smart enough to pull
Been a long time coming but it finally happend.. We been talking on and off for about 2 years to get this done. I cant front, I was a lil intimidated by her because she's a monster in the bedroom.  But I said fuck it, so am we hooked up and made the magic happen. She finally got to see what that MD dick be about, and she was pretty pleased..Get it Pretty with my  nut in that pussy..Yeah man I need another dose of that pussy medicine real quick!!
Yes you already know how 48 yr old Monica is one of my favorite pussy's to fuck..She's a veteran in the dick takin game, and she always like a good deep fuck. She want dudes to lay some pipe and not play with the pussy, so every once and a whileI go out of state and lay some good dick on her. You gonna love this one, I fucked the shit out of her all around that room..You see the more of her to come..But this is the shit guaranteed
After the show its the after,.After a long night of traveling and filming, I finally got mines off and it was nothing short of spectacular.. Kandi always delivers some good ass pussy to the table and since I havent seen her in years I had to put it down.  Niggas fell asleep and I got a good fuck in..Busted in and around her pussy..As soon as she comes back you guys will be the 1st to know
Sorry for the wait but you and I know Vanessa is well worth the wait with her fine MILFY ass. Anyway this is some lost footage I dug up from some of our audition tapes and it was crazy.  I didn't realize how good this video was until I watched it.  She's a true MILF freak who loves a good dick down and you know I delivered. Tore all them holes up and she swallowed every drop of cum out my dick. We did have a messy moment but I cut that out the Vanessa is back, a super treat for the members
This is some older footage from some time last year of a new commer BBW freak named Smiley Danger.  She was truly one for the books, and this audition tape shows it all.. You can see she loves sucking dick for real and loves takin dick too.  We had a real good session with a lost creampie in that deep pussy..You probably seen her progression in the game on a few other sites..she doin her thang..
Some more older footage of one of the many sessions I had with Cherry Creme.  I use to go to her state just to tear that shit up. She always had some good pussy and loved raw dick.  She even got a lil thicker in this video. I had a ball banging her shit out.  Yall know how I do..Members enjoy lots more to come ..
Lauren Kush is defintely in the top 5 when it comes to good pussy and thats real talk..Had to get me a 1 on 1 with her to really see what she about.  We met up out of state and it was on after a few blunts..I ate the pusst of course, but for a lengthy amount of time. Her shit shit gets extra wet so I couldn't her real good and bust a sweet load in her pussy..Well worthmy time and
Princess is the newest sinsation on the dirty vision roster. She got a nice fat ass and she gets busy..Dick suckin skills is A1 and pussy stays wet and juicy. We had a nice fuck session, her pussy almost had me nuttin early but I held off until the end..I needed more time with all that ass but I was in a lil rush.  Did I mention that she swallowed every drop of my load..I need more of this freak right here.
One of my all time favorites..had to bring her back for her final video..yes she has officially retired..And yes I will miss Monica and that good pussy.  She always brought the heat for a 47 yr old..Hopefully she will come back for one more, if not here it is..Lets bid farewell to Miss Monica..Gone but surely not forgotten
Yes the all time greatest ass is back..Miss Addiction returns with a bang and even better than ever..we got the room for the whole night since I havent seen her in awhile, and yes it was well worth it..I got some good raw pussy all night whenever I wanted it..I just so happen to tape it for you guys, but I was way more into the pussy than operating a dam already know I tried to break it off in her...Good scene I must say..
Your girl Nanee is back again..This is some older footage from last year when she was still in the game, but has sinced retired from the video world.  She got a nice lil body and she loves showing it off..We use to get it in here and there and here's one of the last videos she ever shot..Man the pussy was so good that day I almost came in 5 minutes or less, she had me fucked up, but I got it together and tried my best to tear her shit up..It was a good effort but I know I couldv'e done a good classic scene..
Tiyanna was always one of my favorites before she retired and this was one of our secret sessions we use to have back then..She had some good pussy and some good tasting already know I banged that shit out the worse way..She takes dick though..Hope yall enjoy this one!!
I gets tons of request for this young lady and seems like she's a fan favorite..I can see why.  Lalola brings that realism to the amateur game..You barely find women of color that get down for real..Like extreme  deep throating, squirting, hard fucking, just overall an authentic freak..This video is broken down into 2 parts. Part 1 is a nice long BJ with cumin her mout..Pt.2 is a fuck session where she squirts and gets filled with cum and then fucked again..This that new era shit right here I guarantee you will like
Introducing Honey Dipp, a young freak who likes to try anything at least one time..She was at the crib smoking and chillin and I put her to the test..Head skills is A1, pussy is super good, she can take a good pounding, and the ass needs a little opening up, but all in all she did an excellent job..Oh did I forget, she swallows nuts too..
Olivia Rain makes her debut here at Hoodhoez and she did and excellent job..She can sure suck a dick and loves to deepthroat.  I had fun putting my dick in her throat.  But her creamy pussy was awsome as well..She even licked the cream off my dick like a true nasty girl..I gave her that MD dick down and she took it very well..Not bad for a 19 yr old porn star..Hope yall enjoy this one..I sure did..
Good pussy Smiley returns for that Mike Dirty Dick down..She already know how I get down..Fuck em deep hard and strong, and leave some cream in that pussy..Her pussy was so good and wet I almost d rocked and came mad fast, but I had to hold my head..We had a very nice session.>She screams alot so turn down the volume when watching..Nice BBW freak..hopefully we get to see more of her
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Been awhile since me and Cyn met up..Sometimes in life it takes distance to truly appreciate someone, and that it did..After a year and some change we finally got it on and it was better than ever..Her throat got deeper and her pussy is as good as it gets..For some reason I love fucking her,,she can have all my had a nice session and I bust a fat load in that pussy..Love me some black latina pussy..More to come guaranteed.
More rare footage of my personal pussy straight outta DC..She came upo here not to long ago and you know where she stopped 1st, straight to she wanted me to give her a real good fuck..If you didn't know already, she is an anal girls so you know I got all them holes wide open..After creaming onmy dick I fucked her ass real good and put a load in her ass.  She wanted to fuck some more but I was tired as time baby I got you..Good shit though..Enjoy!!
Havent seen her in a minute but here she is..She dissappeared off the scene for awhile and I had to hunt that fat ass down. Finally caught up with her so you know I had to all the way in..My dick was extra hard as soon as I seen her..I ate up that fat juicy pussy until she nutted real hard, then proceeded to the dick down..Feels like she aint take no dick in awhile because that twat was tight. Man I fucked her for a good hour and nutted all over that fat booty..Got to get my dose of her real soon, she bednot vanish
Always a pleasure meeting up with Monica, and it been a minute since i seen her.  She was looking extra tasty so I went straight to work on that 49 yr old pussy.  Her pussy is sweet and meaty, a perfect pussy to eat, but when I put the dick in its a whole nother story.  She likes it real deep and hard..You may think your hurting her but thats how she wants it, so turn down the volume while watching this..Love fucking her and will continue to bang that out..Yall gonna love this one!!
Nivea is a 6 foot amazon who loves it up the ass, and since she loves it sp much I gave her what she wanted. Yes this video is 100% anal, no pussy fucking at all..She really trooped it out too, and let me dig deep in the duke shoot. She did really good with the exception of a few hard strokes, but overall a good anal scene, or should I say all anal scene..Nutted on her ass and she was on her job Nivea..
Mary Jane was always was one of my favorite girls..She pretty, nice attitude, fat ass, and some good pussy.. This is one of our 1 on 1 sessions from awhile ago when we use to get it in ever so often. And as usual she did her thing. I was training her how to deepthroat dick, and she was learning, but you know I had to give her that MD dick down, and thats all she wrote...Yall gone like this one.
Mary Jane and MD 1 on 1
Wetta is one of a kind..Real nerdy and real nasty with an extra wet pussy. She enjoys deep throating dick and loves to swallow thick loads..I had to train her to take my dick in this one as you can see..She did a great job until the next session.  Swallowed every last drop I had..
Sassi A freaky ass MILF who gets down with big dick..This is one of our personal sessions where I gave her the business and had her creaming and squirting everywhere.  I was hitting them spots in that pussy she never felt..More to come of her..
I filmed Kitty more than a few times but for some reason never got a chance to fuck that pussy until now..She was at the spot not too long ago and I finally got to it, and let me tell you it was worth the wait..She got some good everything..Sucked me dry and fucked me good..Got a nice load out of me. What was I doing all these years..smh
Got something brand new for yall, and sorry for the delay.  But we have a newer younger version of Miss Addiction..Lets call her Mini Addiction. She got that ass for days but cant take no dick. This is some of her dick training from last year, I've made several videos with her since than and she's gotten alot better at taking dick. You will definitely enjoy this one
This is actually the 2nd time I did a video with Rainbow. The other one is on from years ago. Well she came back to the game briefly and I got it in with her.  As usual she couldn't take no dick but you know how I do.  The pussy tasted sweeter than ever and she was real horny on this day. Watch how I bang her out, classic Mike DIrty..
New girl but this is an old scene. Vanilla Shai is a shy pretty BBW with those skills. She's just a natural at this sex thing and it shows.  She can sure suck a dick and takes it up her ass to.  Watch how I gave her that MD dick down.  If you like this one I might have a few more. Not bad for a non porn star
Got a real special treat and I'm pretty sure you Jersey dudes know who this is. Miss Tender Booty has finally arrived after a long wait.  From stripper to porn star watch your boy MD put some work in on this big booty amazon.  Yall know how I get down so you already know how it went down. I definitely got in those guts for all the guys that ever wanted to.  Nice scene, great girl, show her respect when you see her!!
Had this video in the stash for a long ass time, was one of my favorites with the now rare Miss Addiction.  This was a hot session we shot awhile back where for some reason I really ate her pussy a good percentage of the time.  Nice long video for yall, you know I beat that pussy up ..Hopefully I can find her to get a few more vids
Blu Mere is always on point when it come to taking care of some dick and she didn't fall short on this one.  This video is kinda old but new to yall, where ya boy MD put it in her guts.  Yep I gave her that turn out dick.  And dont forget that nut I left up in her.  We need more of this one for sure.